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Free music: Wilco covering Woody Guthrie … at Steve Wildsmith

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Free music: Wilco covering Woody Guthrie …

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In browsing the website of Americana band Wilco — which recently performed at The Tennessee Theatre, a show reviewed here by yours truly — for information on the band’s new album, I discovered a free download of “The Jolly Banker” by Woody Guthrie. You can download that by going here. As a caveat — the band kindly asks for donations to support the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives; there’s a button to offer a few bucks for that worthy cause while you’re getting a free tune.

The new album, by the way, is simply titled “Wilco (the album),” and will be released June 30 on Nonesuch Records. Here’s the track listing:

Wilco (the song)
Deeper Down
One Wing
Bull Black Nova
You And I
You Never Know
Country Disappeared
I’ll Fight
Sonny Feeling
Everlasting Everything

For more information on the record, go here.

Written by wildsmith

May 6th, 2009 at 10:40 am