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Calling a couple of heavy rock bands (PLUS: Get better, Swingshot dudes) at Steve Wildsmith

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Calling a couple of heavy rock bands (PLUS: Get better, Swingshot dudes)

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Level 10, located at 4525 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, is reporting this on the venue’s Myspace site:

Swingshot will not be at Level 10 on Sunday. They had to cancel the show due to one member having an accident and another who was in a head- on crash. They are both hurt and it will be a while before they can play again. When they can, the show will be re-scheduled and The Jager Girls will come in as well. We wish them the best and quick healing and are looking forward to having them at L10. Drop by their page and show some love, will you?

Edge of Obscurity and Pyschosystem are still a go unless this weather gets all weird. K-town locals, this is short notice, but if you can jump on let me know, will be looking for two to cover Swingshot’s place.”

Editor’s note: Psychosystem is the band formerly known as Facelock; we wrote about the name change here.

If you’re interested in getting on Sunday’s bill, contact Level 10 through the Myspace page, call 212-9728 or e-mail info@level10knox.com.

Sunday’s show starts at 5 p.m.; it’s an all-ages rock show, and the cover is $6.

Written by wildsmith

January 29th, 2010 at 6:34 am