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Quartjar rethinks Kickstarter funding at Steve Wildsmith

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Quartjar rethinks Kickstarter funding

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So what happened to that Kickstarter campaign Quartjar front man Randall Brown announced for his band’s forthcoming album, “42″? We told you about it a year ago, but as Brown filled me in this week, things didn’t go as expected with the fundraising project. It’s an excellent way for bands to take in advance payment for a new album, but there’s a downside to it as well, he said.

“The whole thing about that page is that if you don’t make that goal you set at the beginning, it doesn’t automatically collect the money people have offered to give to your project,” he said. “I set a lofty goal that I thought would pay for the recording and the duplication, and we met about a third of that. After the Kickstarter thing didn’t make the goal, I sent an e-mail to everybody — mostly relatives who pitched in for it — and said, ‘Hey, if you still want to donate, we’ll still aceept those funds and fulfill the offered premiums we offered on the Kickstarter page.’”

One of those packages: For a $100 donation, you could get a copy of “42″ upon completion, and Quartjar would write a song for the person making the donation. They ended up with four such payments and are in the middle of writing those four songs, he said.

“We went back and forth with whether the four songs we were writing for people were part of the album and how best to deliver those,” he said. “We’re still working on getting them together to be able to play them.”

The band recently went into Shed 55 Studios in Knoxville and laid down 10 tracks for “42,” which are in the process of being mixed and will thereafter be mastered. As far as duplicating the record, the Internet age and digital downloads have Brown looking at a different strategy than the one he applied to the group’s 2007 album, “Years of a Monkey.”

“I had 1,000 copies made of ‘Years of a Monkey,’ and I’ve still got about 750 of those,” he said. “Now that duplication companies will do shorter runs, I’m going to get 100 copies of ‘42′ made, and we’ll see how well we recoup the production cost.”

Some of the songs on “42″: “Not a Cowboy,” an “existential, romantic, train-beat cowboy song,” Brown said … “Right Now,” a more laid-back, bluesy number … a prog-rock instrumental by bass player Malcolm Norman … and an “epic power ballad” called “My Green Heaven.”

“We’ve covered some classic rock basics,” Brown said.

Written by wildsmith

January 27th, 2011 at 10:14 am