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Up-and-coming Disney duo Jenny & Ashley head to Wilderness at the Smokies at Steve Wildsmith

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Up-and-coming Disney duo Jenny & Ashley head to Wilderness at the Smokies

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In case you needed one more reason to head to Wilderness at the Smokies Resort for a summer getaway weekend … here it is, especially if you have pre-teen daughters prone to screaming, crying and fawning over their favorite musical idols.

You may not have heard of the duo Jenny & Ashley — yet. But chances are their visibility will increase nationally, and especially here in East Tennessee, now that the full might of the Disney machine is behind them.

The Wisconsin girls are being groomed as the latest teen sensations by the same folks that turned Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers into objects of child worship. The sisters — born Jenny and Ashley Cooke — have announced they’re shooting a music video at Wilderness at the Smokies, located in Sevierville, on Saturday night, July 16. And they want a crowd, which means fans who want to be a part of the shoot have an opportunity to get in for free.

Here’s the deal — if you want to take part, you need to do a couple of things.

First, find an old pair of shoes. (And by old, we don’t mean so beat-up they look like you were standing too close to a shotgun blast.) Second, take those shoes to Wilderness in the Smokies, where the first 500 people to do so will get a pass to take part in the photo shoot. Third, keep checking back on the website Ackermann Wire, when the announcement will be made that passes are available for exchange for those shoes. (Which, in case you’re wondering, will be given to Soles 4 Souls, a shoe recycling charity that gives shoes to people in need; it’s a favorite charity of the two teen singers.)

Come July 16, bring the pass you got in exchange for your shoes to the resort — which isn’t normally open to the general public — and you’re golden; not only that, you’ll receive a free day pass to return to Wilderness at the Smokies. If you’re coming for the video shoot, special parking will be provided. The shoot itself is expected to commence later on that evening.

Who are these girls, you ask? Jenny (15) and Ashley (13) are originally moved to Pleasanton, Calif. when they were in elementary school.  The sisters discovered their talents early while performing in a number of theater productions and quickly made the move to acting and modeling. Jenny appeared as a model and cover girl for Kohl’s television and print advertising and also started acting.  Ashley quickly caught the bug too, and modeled for both Levi’s and Kohl’s in television and print advertising. They followed their dreams to Los Angeles, where Jenny and Ashley work regularly with Disney, Nickelodeon and Fox Television.

“Jenny and Ashley also became known as accomplished musicians and songwriters in Los Angeles.  Initially they were drawn to country music because of its storytelling style. Their demo songs caught the eye of music executives in Nashville and they were asked to record several songs on Nashville’s Music Row with the help of Tim McGraw and his producer Darran Smith. Their first single, ‘Indescribable,’ was co-written by Ashley and received national radio airplay. Their first EP, ‘Beach Weekend’ — which is an upbeat pop album – was just released on iTunes and Amazon and is a perfect fit for the music video that will be shot at Wilderness at the Smokies, the Southeast’s largest indoor/outdoor waterpark resort. Because of Jenny and Ashley’s relationship with the Jonas Group (a management company that works with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato), and their working relationship with both Disney Studios and Nickelodeon, a television show featuring the sisters is currently in development and could begin airing as early as this fall.”

For the video shoot, the girls will be bringing their full band from Los Angeles, as well as a production team and director to manage the video shoot. (We’re proud to add that Rick Laney, a former Daily Times staff writer and now vice president of Knoxville’s Ackermann PR firm, will serve as production consultant for the project.) Those who plan on being a part of the shoot are asked to bring their bathing suits; although some people will be directed to be in the water, not everyone will get to be; some of the attractions will likely be closed. In other words, follow directions and listen to the production crew, if you manage to become a part of the project.

After the shoot, Wilderness at the Smokies will show its appreciation for your involvement by giving everyone in attendance a free wristband good for one entire day — from open to close — at the waterpark resort (to be used any time in the next two months). In addition, Jenny and Ashley will stick around after the concert to meet the special guests.

Written by wildsmith

June 28th, 2011 at 12:32 pm