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Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins: Interview clips and outtakes

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Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins is on the cover of Weekend this week. You can find interview clips on our website if you’d like to listen. Click here to check out the story; the clips are on the left side of the page beneath the photo. The band performs at 8 p.m. Friday, July 23, at The Valarium in Knoxville with openers Kill Hannah and Bad City. Tickets are $42.

Written by wildsmith

July 22nd, 2010 at 9:52 am

Jo Dee Messina: When the writer becomes part of the story …

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As journalists, we make it a rule not to get involved in the things that we cover.

Unless we write an opinion column, we’re dissuaded from taking part in politics. We’re observers … chroniclers … scribes. We cover the news, not make it.

Which made it extremely bizarre when country star Jo Dee Messina called out The Daily Times during Friday night’s performance at the new Clayton Center for the Arts on the Maryville College campus.

It started after her second song, “I’m Alright,” when she opened up the floor for questions from the audience. Clad in tastefully ripped jeans and a faux leather jacket that played up her flame-haired biker-babe image, she was relaxed and good-natured. Her band played most of the show sitting on the easy chair and sofa that were part of the stage decor, all added as part of her intimate “Music Room Series” of shows.

Then, she noticed Daily Times photographer Daryl Sullivan in the corner, taking pictures. She asked him which publication he was working for, and when she repeated his answer — “The Daily Times” — the crowd cheered. (Gotta say, it’s nice to get recognition from the audience.) Messina, however, arched one eyebrow.

“Let me tell you something about The Daily Times,” she said. “You all think it’s a small paper. A hometown paper. But it’s not. It’s a lot more than that.”

She went on to describe how she did an interview with yours truly for the March 19 edition of Weekend — an interview in which she discussed her frustrations with her label, Curb Records, and her inability to put out an album for the past several years because of it.

Curb executives, she said, apparently read The Daily Times. As does Great American Country. As does AOL. Because all of them picked up the story that ran in Weekend, and Messina found herself in some hot water over her comments.

Now, she never complained that it was a bad article, or that she was misquoted — in fact, she called it “beautiful” and admitted that she doesn’t like to bite her tongue. But the label asked her to release a statement either clarifying or recanting some of her remarks … which she has yet to do, she proudly pointed out.

At that point, she moved on to other questions. And I couldn’t resist. I raised my hand. And identified myself when she called on me.

It took a second for my name — and publication — to sink in. Then she did a double-take.

“Oh s–t! You’re the guy who wrote the article!” She giggled and turned toward the band, obviously a little taken aback. But she rebounded quickly, jokingly declaring, “I’m not answering any more of your questions!” She went on to say, “Let me tell you — you’re a big deal. People are reading your stuff.”

A couple of songs later, she remarked that she was a little nervous, knowing I was in the audience and that I might write something negative if I wasn’t impressed.

Relax, Ms. Messina. I was very impressed. Your voice is beautiful, your showmanship is masterful and your stage presence is dynamic. I hate I had to leave early, but I’ll share with you a snippet of my notes:

“Incredible voice! Any label that would shut her down is run by asshats.”

Written by wildsmith

March 26th, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Get entertainment news, courtesy of moi, delivered directly!

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OK, I’m gonna be lazy today and cut-and-paste a recent blog post by my esteemed editor, Frank “Buzz” Trexler.

OK, if you’re reading this blog you’re getting a sneak preview of a new service that will be debuting in a matter of days: The Daily Times Direct news alerts.

The Daily Times Direct mobile news alert is the the latest way to stay connected to Blount County’s No. 1 news and information source. Here’s what you can get via text-messaging:

News – Get breaking news, major traffic alerts and emergency information for our area and around the nation.

Daily Weather Forecast – Receive the local weather forecast as a text message each morning.

Severe Weather Alerts – Get severe weather advisories and warnings by county.

Prep Sports – Get news and scores from all your favorite area teams.

UT Sports – Get the latest Volunteer sports news from the combined forces of VolQuest.com and The Daily Times.

Maryville College Sports – The most complete source for coverage of Maryville College sports.

PowerBall – Find out if you can call in well to work tomorrow.

School Closings & Events – Get important information from your school.

Hook ‘em Solunar Tables: Find out when the fish are more likely to be biting in Blount County!

We’re working hard to keep you informed. Be the first to sign up at www.thedailytimes.com/direct.

That’s all well and good, but what I’m particularly excited about are the following three opportunities that will involve Yours Truly:

  • Entertainment News – Stay up to date on the latest entertainment news.
  • Wildsmith’s Wild Weekend Picks – Get the top picks for weekend entertainment, sent out on Fridays.
  • Tix Fix – Be the first to known when big-ticket shows come to the Maryville/Knoxville area.

So … there you have it. You can plug into the Matrix for 24/7 orgasmic entertainment possibilities, courtesy of the best little entertainment section in the state.

Go. Sign up now.

And while you’re at it, help me decide (either through commenting this blog entry or e-mailing me at steve.wildsmith@thedailytimes.com) — how often do you want these alerts? Every day? A few times a week? As often as possible? Tell me what you think.