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The Theorizt scaling back but not breaking up

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theoriztThe Theorizt: (From left) Joseph “Black Atticus” Woods, Jarius Bush and co-founder/guitarist Mike Miller, who’s since moved to Boston.

Fans of groundbreaking local hip-hop outfit The Theorizt caused a hell of a stir last month when the band announced it was cutting back on live shows for the foreseeable future. The hysteria boiled over, and soon fans were wondering if the New Year’s Eve show at Preservation Pub wouldn’t be the band’s final appearance.

Not so fast, says member Joseph “Black Atticus” Woods.

“It’s not literally out LAST show ever; it’s the last show for a while until we record another project and get some musicians that can get comfortable with our sound and pace,” Atticus told me in an email. “Everyone else has literally had one to two practices and before they know it, they’re on stage going full steam ahead with us. This hasn’t allowed us to recoup from Mike Miller going home to Boston and Nick Burkhalter joining the Air Force.

“I don’t care how good (a) guitarist (is); everyone needs time to grasp a sound and dig in, and with our live show schedule, there was no room or time for that to happen. So yeah … we’re looking to have the live show machine up and running, just at a more realistic pace.”

At the same time, Atticus added, the band members — new and old — have played so often of late that they’re wearing out the group’s catalog: “New blood (music wise) is needed. Also, our drummer and his wife are expecting a baby soon, so the slowing down of the live show aspect was inevitable. By all means, please let ‘em know that this is NOT our last show, but definitely the last one for a while.”

So there you have it. Read our 2012 interview with Atticus, Jarius Bush and co-founder Mike Miller here.

Written by wildsmith

January 4th, 2013 at 11:33 am